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Monday, November 14, 2011

☆ Silent [Illustration Friday]

I remember a time when I tried really hard to be silent. I tried to silence my thoughts during yoga and meditations, I turned off the radio and tv for ten minutes to collect myself, but I found these enforced periods of silence were awful. I hated them. Resented them, and they felt unnatural.

When I was studying for my HSC (my final school exams) my mum, who is a teacher, came back from a conference full of studies that dealt with how children with learning difficulties brains work and how traditional study techniques don't work for them/ me. So armed with a cassette of baroque music (oh I am so showing my age now huh!!) I studied with that music day and night and in the end I am positive it helped me pass my exams.

So instead of heading off random thoughts during meditation I encourage them, and followed them through. Instead of turning off the radio or tv, I turn them up. It feels natural.

©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
Ironically just after writing this we had our first power outage of the summer, so for 45 minutes I've had to actually talk to my husband eeek!

Have a great week x


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  1. I love this artwork Kirsten. It's beautiful. Love the last comment too. Lol.

  2. Lovely watercolor! Glad you and and your husband got a chance to catch up :> I'm having fun with the AED challenge...but feel a bit like I'm married to the computer this month!

  3. Gorgeous artwork, and defiantly eek - 45 minutes oh my lol thanks for sharings, hugs Jennibellie x

  4. 45 mins can feel a bit like a lifetime... great post though and love the painting

  5. I love your illustration style. This one is just so sweet and beautiful. Her eyes really pull you into the piece.


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