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Monday, March 5, 2012

☆ Intention [illustration friday]

I am so excited today. I was the red carpet winner for my inspiration avenue piece 'The Three Graces'. See my shiny new show case winner badge? I broke out and did a couple of happy dances through out the day, much to Bean and Bugs amusement. Thanks to Lisa for choosing my painting to join the other winners (and if you have a moment it is well worth a visit!)

Anyway, todays painting is for my Illustration Friday's 'Intention' prompt. 

My intention is to resist this brownie.
Journal page
When I was painting this I was remembering the intentions I had so carefully set out at the beginning of the year, and yet now we are in March, and I think I need to revisit them. 

I think it might be time to remind myself of how important these goal were to me, and still are. Remind myself to look forward to full filling my dreams for this year.

Have you revisited your dreams lately? Have you managed to cross anything off your list yet? (I was able to cross off 'set up monthly budgets'. Yah I hate that job!)

P.S. And my intention was really to resist the brownie, but because it was a 'healthy' brownie (hey it had zucchini in it...hmmm.... could that count toward my five a day?) I decided to go for it.


  1. Lovely illustration. Love the expression, if she's anything like me that brownie won't last another minute.

  2. Yes, a zucchini brownie definitely counts toward five a day! Love her expression. Now I'm hungry for a brownie, though...

  3. Ha. This made me smile. My intention is also to resist brownies. But it's so impossible! I really like your text and colour choices. Nice!


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