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Saturday, March 3, 2012

☆ Life book [week 8]

This weeks life book lesson was from the fabulous Mystele.

Simplified, Mystele's lesson was a 'pulled art' collage creation. Pulling the picture from background elements, giving up control, and going with what the painting shows you.

I am not great at giving up control, (yes, everyone, I am a control freak, and proud of it!), so this was a really challenging piece to create.

In fact after I made the background, it sat there, taunting me, telling me there was nothing there, telling me all I had was a pretty background, so I threw it in a cupboard, and left it for a week.

I was determined this week, to conquer the beautiful background and create something!

And eventually this is the figure that emerged.

She started off looking really cranky, then lost and now I think she alternates between annoyed, bewildered and sad. Not surprising, as these were all the emotions I was processing when I created her.

And after all that angst, I love her. She is so different from my other big eyed girls, and yet she is just as powerful to me.

It never fails to surprise me how much emotion creating can pull from me and just when I am running dry, a new flood of creativity washes over me. I loved this style of creating, and I think you will see more of it from me in the future. Especially when the ideas start slowing down.

Have you discovered a new style or tried something new lately? How did it effect you? I would love to know.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I love your banner painting and the wording is fabulous. I am listening to the squeak inside also. Thank you for bringing your art to the world.

  2. K,
    I have to tell you that this is my favorite piece from any of the Life Book Creation yet! I love everything about it. The use of my favorite shade of green, mixed with cool pinks and reds. I love her expression, down to that wonderful glimmer in her eyes. Bravo K, you get my prize! I would buy her, if she were for sale.


    1. Barb - wow! I am speechless - thank you!! Such a wonderful comment to wake up to - it made me smile all day. thank you! xx

  3. Kirsten, I absolutely love this... the eyes are wonderful! I love the colors and the way you have pulled everything together. Even though I love all of your work, she's my favorite of yours so far!

    1. Thank you Heather! She is such a surprise to me - especially the way I procrastinated in painting her! x


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