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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

☆ March Blahs

I have been having a bit of a slump. The March Blahs. I have fallen a bit behind with life book, my desire to be in the studio has been surpassed by my desire to surf mindlessly online, it is so dark in the mornings, that getting up is a struggle.

I think I have the March Blahs every year, summer has ended, the sun is less bright, the newness of the year has worn off. 

I had to shake my routine up a bit, I had to remember that I am just human. (WHAT?? I am not a super hero? Yeah I know it was news to me too!) I needed to learn that taking a break even for an afternoon, will not result in five years of ignoring the squeak. 

And I did. I took a day off. I spent the next day creating some back grounds, and asking myself what I wanted to paint, and I didn't beat myself up for not writing when I had planned to.

And you know what the next day when I went into the studio, I painted something that I really liked. 

So I wanted to share with you how I deal with the blahs and I wanted to know what you guys do when you have the blahs. 


  1. I go for long walks which relaxes me and I go to art galleries which inspires me. Works for me.

    1. Walks help me too! I should probably go to the National Gallery when I am in Canberra next. It's been ages since I have gone and there would be so much inspiration there! Good tip x

  2. son hermosas todas tus ilustraciones, me encanta tu estilo! Saludos!!!

    1. ¡Hola! Gracias por sus comentarios maravillosos y por su visita!


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