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Thursday, March 8, 2012

☆ Saving my Sanity (with a sketchbook + a pen)

With all the rain we've had over the last week my kids are going insane. They are itching to get out. In turn they are driving me insane, especially because I'm not getting out for my own daily dose of sanity.

So in a moment of desperation, we went to McDonald's. Bundled up in our rain coats, some morning tea, I bought myself a very large coffee, and I let them loose in the play park. (Thank god for that play park. It has saved my sanity on many occasions!) And as long as I sat in there with them, they would play for ages.

Usually I would read a book on my iphone, but I couldn't concentrate, I tried to do some planning, but it wasn't happening either. And then in the bottom of my hand bag was a red moleskine journal. I don't really use it, because the paper is too thin for the fine liners I like, but I dug out a pen intending to doodle, but instead a doodle or a mandala, girl appeared, and then another, and another.

And it seems I am slightly obsessed, cause I am drawing more and more of these girls, in a style that has evolved even in the last few days.

And it is sitting so right with me at the moment. They are cute and whimsical, and sketched a way I haven't sketched before, no guidelines, no fear.

I am really enjoying the process.

And instead of being really irritated because my daily walk has yet again been spoiled by rain, I curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, and spend five minutes sketching. (If only those five minutes of sketching would burn as many calories as an hour long walk!)

Have you rediscovered an old sketchbook, or trying something new? I would love to hear what you are up to.


  1. The girls look so innocent and calm. I've started propping up in bed late at night and sketching in my journal; the days have been so crazy with the little ones getting into everything. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ohh, these are wonderful! I love all the styles you are playing with!

  3. Thanks Mary & Heather!.

    Mary I sketch just before bed too, it seems to relax my mind a wee bit making sleep easier (as there isn't as much junk in my head afterward!)


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