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Sunday, March 11, 2012

☆ You've Got Mail [inspiration avenue]

You've got Mail.

I am such a mail junkie! I love receiving mail. I love the feeling of opening the mail box and seeing a letter or parcel addressed to me. I used to write to magazines, fan clubs, subscribe to catalogues, just to receive something in the post. 
And although the times have changed and we no longer receive everything in the post, I still listen out for the postie’s bike, and rush out for the mail. I still send away for the Ikea catalogue, and even though its bills, a sad part of me feels loved.... I am so sad!
So this weeks inspiration avenue prompt was ‘you’ve got mail.’ And this was my response to the prompt. 
Are you a sad mail junkie like me? What is the most extreme thing you’ve done to receive mail? I think mine was writing to psychics in the magazines to ask for information for a school project - I never heard back from them - maybe they were psychic?!? (I repeat... I am so sad!)

(P.S. AGH My internet has been shaped again - slower than slow so I am not able to visit everyones creations just now. I am hoping to sort it out tomorrow, but it may be McD's for coffee and internet!)


  1. Thanks for your submission to my IA mail challenge, I love the look on the figure;s face, she looks so hopeful, she makes me wonder just what that letter says! Great addition to the wonderful pieces in this collection. Thanks again!
    Jenn of
    (IA member)

  2. This is a lovely painting! She looks so hopeful - maybe waiting for a letter from her love? Or then again maybe the new Ikea catalogue's due out ha ha!! (I do share your thrill at that!)

  3. I used to be a mail junkie but am now and inbox junkie... love this painting though... I always wanted a mailbox with a flag on it like we saw on Tv shows from the US but then when I lived in Florida we lived in a development so there was a big shared post box thingy and sadly I never got the flag mail box... such a disappointment... this is a great painting and hope your internet is sorted... I had a month long nightmare which is only just fixed so I feel your pain... sending good internet vibes your way...xx

  4. @Jennifer - Thank you. It was a great challenge.

    @ Artangel - LOL! The Ikea catalogue can be the highlight of my day!

    @Tracey - Thanks. My inbox is full too. It is just so easy to subscribe to things! I have always wanted and american style mail box. When I travelled through the states I took hundreds of photos of them, (they're mostly blurry though cause I took them from the car as we drove!) Thanks for your vibes they must have worked - Mr Mac was able to upgrade today! Whoot!


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