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Monday, March 26, 2012

☆ Swamp [illustration friday]

Some times life can swamp me. I feel over whelmed, scared, and all around bitchy.

Sometimes, life is brilliant, I am high on love, and everything just goes as planned.

Sometimes, I start a painting in one mood, and finish it in another.

I was feeling swamped when I began this painting, I had over committed myself with family, I felt tired, I was irritated. I longed to do something but I couldn't figure it out.

Not that anything earth shattering happened, although, maybe finishing my commitments, and having a solid 8 hours sleep for a couple of nights, meant that my frame of mind was in a much better place.

By the time I finished the painting I no longer felt swamped.

I felt joyful instead.

How do you cope with being swamped? Do you internalise it? or do you scream and shout?

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  1. As always, the eyes of your girls are so full of emotion! Well done!


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