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Sunday, May 13, 2012

☆ Hands [inspiration avenue]

This weeks inspiration avenue prompt was all about hands.

And when you think about it, hands are vitally important to everything we do. Everything. (well except riding a bicycle hands free). I can't imagine how I would cope with out one of mine, let alone both and yet people do all the time. I often wonder how would I create if I had no hands? How would the creativity express itself then?

Many years ago, I was lamenting my lack of ability in drawing realistic figures, and my mother bought home a book that changed my life. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards gave me the ability to tune out the inner critic while I was drawing (although I still had to deal with it outside of that time)

And I never have finished the whole book, but I was able to learn what I needed from it, that I could reproduce from life, not just from a picture and that perspective wasn't this huge big elephant in the room, but pretty easy once you had a few trips and tricks.

Over the years I have picked up the book and restarted the exercises when I needed to to kick start my creativity.

These hands are from one of my favourite exercises in the book, sketching what ever is in the grid, okay it's slightly more than that, but you get the picture .

Any way these are my interpretation of this weeks prompt.

P. S. Happy Mothers Day every one, I hope you were spoilt rotten by or where the spoilers of the mums in your life.


  1. Both are fabulous, Kirstin!

  2. Hope YOU were spoiled rotten!

    Like your hands... a lot!

  3. Both of these are fabulous! great submission on hands!


  4. Oh! These are both so good!
    Happy Mother's Day to you♥♥♥

  5. These are SO good Kirsten. Such wonderful representations of hands. I've heard of that right brain book, but never saw it. You are a fabulous artist.

  6. And leave it to me to not only be LATE, but not spell your name right, either!!

  7. Thoise hands are fantastic.

  8. Hi Kristen,
    thanks for stopping by this week and making such a complimentary comment, it's appreciated. Your hand drawings are spectacular, I especially love the crossed fingers. Hands are especially difficult to get the proportions right I find but you've captured them so expertly.

    I sure hope to see what you create this week, Hope your mother's day was wonderful.

  9. These drawings are just amazing- wish I could draw half so well! My hand had to be a traced version..... Beautiful site! Thanks for the visit.


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