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Friday, May 25, 2012

☆ Sight [illustration friday]

It was Love at first Sight
My illo-friday post is much later than normal, but casa de Mac has been held siege by a series of yucky tummy bugs.

If not me, then Bean, then Bug and Mr Mac. We were lucky that we didn't all come down together.

It was a bit like a lucky draw though, every morning, it was a bit like - who is todays lucky recipient of the ghastly bug? Any one? Every one?

Any way enough sick talk.

Sight. And Love at first sight is what I immediately thought with this weeks topic. Especially since it is only one week until my baby Bug is two.

(She tells me she is no longer a baby, but little does she know she will always been my baby!)

I remember feeling so over whelmed by this little beastie that lay in my arms, I remember spending long moments with her just looking at her, amazed by her.

I still amazed by her, by both of them really. I can't believe how quickly these two years have passed.

Have a great weekend

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