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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

☆ May's Give Away

It's that time again gang! I am so excited with this months give away.

You see, in the last two months I have been working on smallish paintings, that I could eventually sell in my Etsy shop, LilliBean Designs.

I have also been putting off opening said Etsy shop for business, for a whole host of reasons, but bottom line -  because I've been scared. I mean what if no one bought any of my work? Would that mean I'd failed?

Man that little bitch that is my inner critic had dug in her sharp little claws.

Anyway last week, after a really crap day of feeling like a failure both as a mother, a wife, a friend and an artist, (it was a really, really crappy day) I realised that if this was the worst I would feel (which was damn crappy) in the end I would still have to get up tomorrow and do it again.

So why then wouldn't I open up my shop, because today, damn it, I had had my very own, very personal epic fail. And surely after this failure, being scared of another wasn't such a scary prospect after all.

It was a Hallelujah moment for sure.

But coming to the point of this post, which is this months give away, and I am giving away one of the paintings I created to sell in my shop. I also used it in a recent Illustration Friday prompt 'Jump' You can read more about the painting on this post

To enter this months comp, I'm going to ask you to share with us all one thing you do to pick your self up after a crappy day. (And, Yes drinking a bottle of wine is an acceptable answer!) To receive additional entries become subscriber to my blog, and/ or like LilliBean Designs on facebook, making sure to let me know in your comments.

As always if your already a reader and liker let me know and you receive the addition entries gratis.

So easy huh?

Entries close Tuesday 29th May (around 8pm ish Australian est). As always, entries are open to everyone who leaves a comment, no matter where you live.

Good Luck


  1. Hi Kirsten, Congrats on opening your Etsy shop! Just hopped over and took a peek, looks great! When I have a bad day, I try to make myself do something that I don't like to do. I know that sounds crazy, but I figure if I'm already feeling like crap I might as well get something done. Usually just taking some kind of action helps me out.

  2. Just "liked" your page on FB :)

  3. Ok, so I really want to win your beautiful painting! I am a follower, I actually already had your blog on my blog list, just forgot to sign up for a follower.

  4. Congrats on opening the shop! :) Don't worry too much if you don't sell. It only means the right people haven't found you yet. :) Your art is fantastic and so it this giveaway painting. My answer to all problems is chocolate and a good night sleep. Sleep makes everything ok.

    And I am your liker and a reader and a new etsy shop heart. :)

  5. Congrats on your Etsy shop! Your painting looks amazing - I'd love win it. :) When I have a crappy day, I kill a few hundred zombies on Xbox. Works every time! :^D

    If I win, my email is grigory99 at yahoo dot com

    *crosses fingers* ;)

  6. Followed you on Google Friend Connect for my second entry.

  7. Woot - I just became your 50th fan on Facebook! :^D

  8. Your work is super cute. Your Etsy link came up an UH OH page..couldn't find it. :(

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know - It's now fixed!

  9. Beautiful! Love the style and the background as well!

  10. Colors pep me up always! So whenever I am feeling low its a dash of colors that I put on my sketchbook or a walk to the nearby vibrant street market or a stroll on the beach at dusk and watching the magnificent colors in the sky against the blue of the sea or cooking a colorful healthy vegetarian meal for my family that really really lifts my spirits!

    I love your work and so am 'following':)

  11. I love your painting, so ethereal and beautiful.

    If I'm having a crappy day, I usually curl up with a little chocolate and a book. Then I can read for a few hours, and disseapear into another world, for a little while. After chocolate and reading, usually the world looks a little better.

    I'm following you both here and on facebook :)


  12. Your artwork is beautiful. Congrats on opening your Etsy store! =)

    When I have a really bad day, I sit down and journal about it for awhile...writing down all of my feelings cleanses my mind from them.

    I'm following you on Facebook (:

  13. Yay to you for being ready to finally JUMP!

    It helps me to relax after a bad day by lounging on the couch and sinking my fingers deep into the silky soft fur on my Australian Shepherd :-)

    Plus...receiving your posts in my email is definitely something I look forward to...and I've liked your facebook page...

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