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Friday, May 18, 2012

☆ Life Book [Week 15]

This weeks 'mini' lesson was from the fabulous Jane Davenport

She was sharing with us a new technique, that I hadn't ever thought of, which was pencil on acrylic and using a pencil blend solvent to blend it.

I didn't have any pencil blend solvent, but Jane used a blender pen which I do have.

But the blender pen didn't work for me, instead of smoothing the pencil and blending it, the pencil became.... I guess the word for it is mottled? 

You can see it above the left eye.

Maybe it was the type of acrylic paint I used or the paper (a medium water colour) but I decided against using the blender on the rest of the painting.

But in the end I really liked the effect of the pencil on the acrylic, so I kept on with out the solvent. Also I didn't have the luscious looking Prisma colour pencils, (I would love me some of these) but I used my old trusty faber castles, which I think were just as good. 

Such a fun technique, I found it relaxing, and freeing. I loved using the bright greens and pinks for shading. 

I am definitely going to try this again, after I purchase some solvent, try some different papers, some different acrylics, and see where I end up.

Great lesson this week, thanks Jane!

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  1. She is gorgeous Kirstin... I love the added color... and her big beautiful eyes...

    Jenny x

  2. It was more than likely the brand of pencils rather than your paint. I have to comment and say I really like this effect with your girls it brings out another layer of mood to your work.


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