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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

☆ No Higher Compliment.

My friend has a little girl who the same age as my Bug, they are the best of friends, and worst enemies, (as they all are at this age), and like Bug, she has started to develop a fixation with Arial, and all things mermie.

So great friend that I am, for her second birthday I decided to paint her, her own Arial.

I figure, if my children are obsessed with mermaids, it is my civic duty to encourage that obsession within my friends kids.

(And now I can have some one to moan with when my girls start with their diva-ish mermaid behaviour.)

My friend sent me this photo last night, apparently she loves her Arial so much, she sleeps with the painting at night.

Every night.

There is no higher compliment.

This photo makes my heart lift.

This photo makes the struggles worth it.

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  1. that is just too cute... my Phantom had Ariel sheets and she loved them sooo much... she still talks about them and she is now 16... cute stage...xx


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