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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

☆ Hitched [illustration friday]

Some times I think the illustration friday prompts are directly linked to my subconscious.

A lot of the time, they are prompts that reflect my life, or they are a mirror and force me to see something that I have hidden from.

Over the weekend I have been thinking about the amazing man I hitched my self to. Against all odds, after meeting at eighteen, we are still together.

I some how have found a man who is so supportive and encouraging of my dreams, who is my best friend, who is an awesome dad, who takes his own chances and follows his dreams, who is my heart.

I have also managed to find the one person in the world, who can push my buttons quicker than any one else, and makes my temper flash from 0 to 100 with one perfectly aimed poke.

And although some times its been bloody hard work, I wouldn't change anything.

(well maybe I wouldn't have eaten as much pizza and drunk as much beer as I did when we first hooked up!)

So the reason I was thinking about my Mr Mac this weekend, beside the fact that he is mine, is that he knows me well enough to give me an extra push when he thinks I need it. And I have needed it. And I am listening Mr Mac, I promise I am.

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