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Sunday, May 27, 2012

☆ Where do Mermaids Stand? [inspiration avenue]

Mermaid Peek-A-Boo
 8.3 x 5.8" (210 x 148 mm)

Every Wednesday Bean, Bug and I venture out and go to our local play group.

It's a great group, friendly people, with a wide variety of backgrounds, so it is always interesting, if not sometimes controversial. I am never bored.

One Wednesday, they were telling the kids the story of  Noah's Arc, and how everything and everyone except the people and animals on this arc were flooded. 

All the kids were nodding, were totally involved, and then my Bean pipes up. 

My beautiful, imaginative Bean says, "Except for the mermaids 'R'. The mermaids would have been ok, because they live in the water don't they."

R replies after looking startled, well of course Bean, the mermaids would have been just fine.

So where do mermaids stand? Right at the front of the queue according to my Beasties! Check out Inspiration Avenue this week for some amazing mermaids.

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Have a great week



  1. What a smart little one you have! Your mermaid is just darling--I love her eyes and the expression you achieved with them!

  2. Oh, what a great perspective your little one has. Love this piece.


  3. I just saw this beauty!!!

  4. Thank you for participating in the mermaid challenge this week over at IA. Your mermaid is beautiful!

  5. Such a great story! Love your mermaid too, such a beauty, just like your daughter I imagine! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. I'm loving your mermaid. It's so gratifying to see just how many people did Lou Anne's first Challenge and enjoyed it. I know it really made her feel great. She was a little askeered! Hope to see you in my Artist's Play Room this week!

  7. Kirstin,
    She is precious. Love this.So simple and yet beautiful.


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