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Monday, August 6, 2012

☆ Bounce [illustration friday]

A bit of fun for this weeks illustration friday prompt.

And a scene that is all too common in my house hold.

Even after both Bean and Bug have fallen off and hurt themselves.

But they have so much fun.

Maybe I should break the rules too.

Maybe I should jump on the bed with the girls instead of rousing on them. 

And maybe it's time to break out and bounce things up. 

How can you bounce things up this week?

P.S. Please pop back tomorrow for a chance to win a piece of art in August's give away! x


  1. She is really sweet and adorable and I love the energy about her. :)

  2. Oh How sweet. My grandson just started jumping on the bed and he laughs like crazy. I don't stop him because I enjoy the laugh too much. I just stay close.

  3. I loved it when my kids did this! Great concept and illustration! :

  4. Thank you Josh, Natasha, Linda & Indigene for leaving such lovely comments.

    Linda & Indigene - I know what you mean the laughter is so infectious. x


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