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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

☆ Life Book [Week 22]

Week 22's 'mini' lesson was a hodge podge from Mystele.

I love this style of painting. I love the freedom of slapping paper and paint and ephemera onto a piece of paper and just letting go.

And I learnt a few things.

* I learnt that bleed proof paper, (the type I use for copic markers) isn't a great mix with acrylics.

* I learnt that said bleed proof paper isn't bleed proof when water is added

* I leant that I love letting go and slapping paint on left and right, but I am really uncomfortable with doing that with the finer details, but I managed to be looser than normal.

*I learnt I can only be what I can be, and the inner critic can bugger off until next time.

Super fun lesson. Thanks Mystele and Tam. 

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  1. love her - have pinned it


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