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Friday, August 24, 2012

☆ Comfort [an inspiration avenue prompt]

If you could be anywhere where would you be?

For this weeks inspiration avenue prompt I was at a bit of a loss.

I would be some where warmer, I would be back on the Isle of Raasay in Scotland, I would be having a coffee on the ski slopes, I would be sleeping in, having breakfast in bed, reading an awesome book that you just can't put down with out interruption.

But after I twanged my back, had a very sick Bean, and a Bug who decided to be her cheeky best, all I needed was to be given a comforting hug by someone and be told I was a good mama. 

(A big glass of wine would have been a close second, but it is another four months before I can have that!)

So this painting reminds me of that feeling of comfort and security that a hug from your loved ones can give.

So right at this very moment, right now, where do you want to be? I would love you to share.

'Comfort' is available for sale through LilliBean Designs on Etsy. Click on the link for more details.


  1. Oh my, what a time you're going through. You certainly need some comfort and a hug!
    Your piece is beautiful! thank you so much for participating in the IA challenge.
    sending you big virtual hug! :)


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