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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

☆ Beautiful Failures

Totally Epically Failed
magazine picture transferred onto wood
I am trying to celebrate my failures.

In the past I would have given up. Put the pencils aside, glared at them with a mixture of longing and despair, and ignored them for a day. a week. three years. ten.

I swore when I began this journey I would never revert back to long held habits, that I would work through the funk, that I would celebrate every piece of art I created.

Sometimes it works, sometimes I  need a day or two off. (or a chocolate cake, or a glass of wine or three, or a good cry all of these work fine)

I try to celebrate the failures. I try to see them for what they are - not failures but successes.

They are a successes because I tried something new, I stretched myself. And even when the process was flawed or the final product was not to my satisfaction, I have learnt something new.

And I keep going.

So I will celebrate them and share them with you guys. And maybe you can celebrate my beautiful failures with me!

I would love to know how or if you celebrate your failures? How do you cope when something doesn't go to plan?

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  1. Hi Kirsten,
    I don't really go too well with my failed artworks, they generally get cast aside or thrown out! However, I have learnt to look to other people for help now when I can't get something right. Gotta love blogs, google and youtube for learning how to fix things! There is always something small wrong with each painting, but I think "I'll fix that on the next one" and hope to improve each time.
    You attitude towards your failed pieces is excellent - I think the magazine transfer would make an excellent background for a painting.

  2. Hi Ellie - Thanks for popping by! I love you tube and other artists blogs for learning. I waste so much time on you tube - if you spend enough time you can find anything! I think a magazine transfer would be cool too if I could get the technique to work, but that being said, there is something really cool about the one above - I actually love the colours in it. I just need to figure out what else to do with it!

  3. Gah! Failures! I have to say that I end up looking back at things I've done and wonder what I was thinking. I hope to grown far enough to start creating art that inspires others, that has a style all it's own. But, the discouragement really gets to me sometimes. Often times, as soon as I finish a work, I will be excited for a while as I can see that I've grown a tiny bit since the last time. Maybe I got the colors right, or the texture or whatever. But then I look back and think, how could I have been so excited about that?! So, overall, I just keep going, knowing that each piece, good or bad, is a step in the right direction. Thanks for sharing even your failures. I don't think this has to be one though. You have an awesome background going there. Hope you keep working on it!

    1. Hi Heather, you are so right the discouragement can be crippling. It is so good that you keep creating despite the gremlins, I have the same ones that say 'Gah - that is awful... how could you think... etc' but as I keep ignoring them and moving on to create my next piece of art, they are becoming more faint (thank god!).
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment. x


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