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Sunday, February 12, 2012

☆ Here comes the Sun [inspiration avenue challenge]

Here Comes the Sun
Art journal - acrylic mixed media
 Kirstin McCulloch

Well here in the southern hemisphere our summer is nearly over, but I think a lot of people would say that we haven't really had a summer - no endless 40 + degree days, no endless sunshine, no venturing out of the house cause it's too damn hot.

We've had quite a mild and comparatively wet summer. And to let you in on a little secret, ever since coming home from living in Scotland - I hate the hot, endless summers. Can't stand them. So I have been secretly doing happy dances when I see the weather report for cloudy mild days. Unfortunately some places in this vast country have had too much rain and had to be evacuated from their homes and would probably do their own happy dances for a forecast of hot sunny days on end.

I guess its all relative.

So this is my entry for this weeks inspiration avenue prompt - 'Here comes the sun'. If you have a minute pop on over and see this weeks entries - there are some amazing artists and art works.

P.S. It is not to late to enter this months GIVEAWA- It is so easy to enter. Check it out here. x


  1. Love this - so she's sad cause it's gonna stop raining!! Brill :)

  2. Gotta love this little gal sitting among the blooming flowers and showers as the sun starts to shine through the clouds. Really liked all the forethought you put into this lovely drawing.

  3. Oh this is awesome!!! Love it!!

  4. Reminds me of Seattle (where I live), gray skies with a little hint of a sun break now and then. Love your girl - her face speaks volumes.

  5. I love the opposite nature of this. I lived in Florida for a long time. I actually loved it when we had cloudy days. Just something different. I mean, I actually got sick of all the hot, hot, sunshiny summers!

    I absoluetly love this painting. I love the sheet music showing through. The sky, the sun, the flowers... loving it all!


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