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Friday, February 10, 2012

☆ Life Book 2021 [week 5]

Kyles form Blissful Pumpkin was our guide for week five of Life Book - and what a fabulous lesson it was. Thanks Kyles x

I was so excited to begin, and even more excited to find that the image transfer I did worked! First. time. ever!

(I must show you some epic fails I have had with image transfers!)

So anyway I had my face, and then I created my inner princess around it.

I keep looking at it and do a double take - it's me... but not me. (any other life bookers have that sense of deja vu?)

Kyles had us write behind our image, princess/ goddess qualities that resonated with in us.

Things for me included; artistic, strong willed, brave, loyal, loving, quirky, unique, hopeful. This is me - and my inner princess, and she is all these things and more.

Maybe instead of my bravery mask, I might just make myself a crown to wear when I need some inspiration or some bravery.

So what inner princess qualities do you need to embrace?

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P.P.S - Kyles has an awesome give away happening on her site -  check it out here


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