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Saturday, February 18, 2012

☆ Life Book [week 6]

Follow Your Star
 Kirstin McCulloch
This weeks Life book lesson centred on achievements. Any achievements from finishing school, to loosing weight, to painting a picture, to travel. Big and small achievements. 

It was a collage over technique using a magazine photo for a base of the face, and I also used it for the  wings. 

The technique gave me awesome butterfly wings (mine are never that cool) but a somewhat freaky face. 

I don't mean its freaky as in 'freaky', I just mean it is more realistic than my normal paintings, so I find my self looking twice.

I guess I don't recognise the style as mine. (which, by the way, is kinda cool 'cause that must mean I finally have my own style!)

I didn't use a quote, as many life bookers did, just a few words that resonated at the time - 'Follow Your Star; celebrate the failures and revel in your achievements.'

The achievements I chose to revel in were things like traveling, creating, the girls and Mr Mac, my family, loosing weight, living overseas and moving home to Australia. 

It was so good to remind myself of these. How often I beat myself up because I was a cranky mama, or I vegged out instead of doing, or I didn't get up in the morning to walk, or I was a bitchy wife. Perhaps I need to slow down more often and remind myself of my achievements - big and small. 

Do you remind yourself of your achievements? Have you revelled in your achievements lately? (If your a fellow life booker and have done week sixes lesson - I bet you have!) I would love to hear your stories.



  1. I think it's so awesome that you've found your style! This painting is still you though. I can see it in the eyes and the background and dress. I am quite behind on Lifebook. Need to get to catching up!


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