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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

☆ Life Book [week 7]

Front of my House
[some how this post became a saved draft instead of being published last week - sorry if you've been looking for it from face book - damned technology!]

Week Seven of Lifebook  had Connie teach us to create house to keep our dreams in. A space to keep them safe. Some where we would write down our dreams and then let them go.

On the back of my house front I wrote my dreams. Dreams for my art, for my girls, for my marriage, for my house, for anything that came into my mind. I free wrote. That is, I wrote what ever came into my mind at the time. I think there were a few umms, involved too. I didn't re-read it, I glued the front to the back via the hinges, then cut around the door and a centre line through to the roof and then I put it in my life book box, not to be seen again..... well ok, so until I go through it at the end of the year!

Pretty cool huh. A house for my dreams - to keep them safe and sound while they grow and develop.

Do you have a house for your dreams? Have you thought about your dreams lately? I mean really thought about them? Perhaps it time you revisited them if you haven't already. 

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