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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

☆ Life Book [week three]

This weeks Lifebook lesson was an inspired one, one that reminded me of the things I need in my life to shine. 

I chose to create a collaged dress of different layers, with the words of things I need to shine. I can add to them through out the year, if I need to.

Last year, I listened to a podcast from Goddess Leonie (or Leonie Dawson as she is now know as) and she was talking about her minimum requirements for self care. And after listening to her podcast, I really examined my minimum requirements.

In other words, what I needed to do every day to feel good in myself, to be the best mama, wife, artist + me that I could be.

I had a list of about eight things, including eight hours of sleep a night, a daily walk, creative time, healthy meals etc.

But in the end there were only four things that mattered. That helped me be the best me I could be. Decent amount of sleep, exercise, creativeness and a decent cup of coffee in the morning!

It was a really interesting exercise, and I realised there were things I needed to change.

I would love to know what your minimum requirements are that would bring out the best you! Take a few moments today to really think about what YOU need.

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  1. She is beautiful, I love that collaged dress. X

  2. Kirstin, I really love your recent pieces. This collage dress is wonderful. I really appreciate the encouragement to take the time to think about what I need. I admit I don't do that often enough.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous artwork. My first time visit to your blog & I am in LOVE ♥


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