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Thursday, February 14, 2013

☆ Love [100 things]

 photo 100Things.jpg

This year I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to release some of my hesitations + push some of my very structured boundaries.

For a while now I have wanted to do this challenge I found on DeviantArt called '100 things'. I think it was originally meant for writer prompts, but I was always intrigued by the thought of illustrating the list. 

So this year, I decided to go ahead and accept the challenge. 

There are no rules, I am not attempting to do the whole 100 this year, although I am loosely thinking of two or three each month + I will choose the 'thing' based on what inspires me on the day which I will share with you here on Listening to the Squeak. I have created a page here that will have links to all of my paintings, if you want to keep up.

In the spirit of this day - the international day of love, I chose it as my painting this week. 

Bean + I have this tradition. She tells me she loves me more than all the mermaids + fishes in the sea, and I reply:

"I love you more than all the stars in the night sky"

"I love you more than..."
available for sale here
I added some collage elements to her clothing (I had so much fun playing with glue + paper!), and I just adore her. Especially since the sentiment behind the painting is so significant to me.

She is officially my first completed '100 things'.
And if you are inspired to play along too, let me know if you post them so I can see your beautiful creations. Just leave a link in the comments below or on the 100 things page.

And yes, it is contrived, but make sure you tell someone how much you love them today!

P.S. Make sure you pop over here to enter this months give away.


  1. Lovely and beautiful work Kirstin, I adore your work.
    lovely greet Marja

  2. She looks very 3D in her dress especially

    1. Thanks Mary - I was really pleased with how her dress turned out x

  3. That's so sweet when you have special sayings with your children - memories that will last their entire lives!!
    This girl is especially sweet with her smile!

    1. I just hope they remember this when they are in their teen age years!! x

  4. She's sooooooooo beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!!!


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