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Thursday, February 28, 2013

☆ LilliBean Designs Spotlight

I want to send a quick welcome shout out to my new readers. I don't normally pay much attention to how many people subscribe to 'Listening to the Squeak' but I noticed over the weekend, that I have quite a few new readers!

So welcome! I try here to share my art, my struggles with creativity (+ how I deal with the little bitch - the inner critic), and a little bit here + there about my life with Mr Mac + our three girls.

Blue Eyed Fairy
[Part of the Gum Tree Leaf Fairy Collection]
Mixed Media Collage Painting
(approx 11 x 8")
available here

Anyway, this year I wanted to have a bit of a spotlight post (about once a month) sharing the art that is in my store
LilliBean Designs
I came up with the name LilliBean by combining the nicknames of my two eldest children (Bean + Lilli Bug). Now we have added a third girl to our family (the wee beastie) Mr Mac asked me how I was going to incorporate her into my stores name...

I am open to suggestions!

'I Love You More Than...'
[Part of the 100 things challenge series]
Mixed Media Collage Painting
(approx 6 x 4')
Available for sale here

Any way these are a few of the paintings that have been popular here on Listening to the Squeak, on Flickr + the LilliBean Designs Store

Day 15
[part of the AEDM challenge 2012]
Mixed Media Painting
(approx 8 x 6')
Available here for sale
By the way - have you had a chance to check out my Easter tag challenge? I would love it if you joined us in swapping an Easter themed tag with people from all over the world!

Click here for more information

P.S. I haven't herd from this months give away winner Gray - I have looked for your email address, but can you please email me your details? 


  1. LilliBean is such a cute name and so apt for the beautiful whimsical work you do. I'm not sure how you could incorporate the Beastie unless you create a separate page/or regular post called the Beastie and have a running theme for illustrations on it (perhaps cute monsters with those big soulful eyes?!)

    1. I love that idea Nic! I will have to think about it some more. Thanks for sharing it x


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