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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

☆ LIFE BOOK 2013

I am a bit slow off the rank this year in the Life Book 2013 course. 

Most students are up to week 5, while I am half way through week 2. But I am ok with that this year. Last year I had little panic attacks when I missed a week. This year I am letting go a wee bit.

I knew I would be late starting this year. I had decided to keep all my work in one journal, and after a lot of research I decided on using a Dylusions Journal and I had to wait for it to arrive from the UK. [I just LOVE shiny new journals!]
Of course the other reason for starting late, was that our wee Beastie was due at the beginning of the year, so I knew that her arrival would mean some time away from the studio.

I managed a little more studio time this week, so I cracked open my journal (it is awesome to play in by the way!) + was able finished my first lesson.

This is my fairy art mother, who nurtures me + I hope will help me kick my little bitch to the kerb, when she rears her ugly head to make me doubt myself. I painted her on the front cover, so I see her every time I work in my journal + in theory she will buoy me before I even start working in the book.

I will be adding to her as the year passes, as I need different positive messages, so I will share her with you when I finish up the years lessons.

So if you had a little fairy god mother (or father!) on your shoulder right now, what message + wisdom would she share with you? I would love to hear your (or your fairies) thoughts!


  1. Your fairy art mother is very sweet!!! I'm in Life Book too and my fairy art mother tells me to enjoy the journey...and I am :-)

  2. Great idea I like her warm colors and star shirt

  3. She's gorgeous.... I enjoyed this Life Book Lesson too.

    My fairy art mother is telling me to make more art!

    Karen x


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