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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

☆ Lifebook [week three]

Week threes lesson was delivered by Chrisy Tomlinson, which was awesome, because I have been a fan of her art for a while now.

I love how free she seems to be when creating, I have watched several of her you tube videos + see just seems to go with the flow, which I love.

So it was fitting for me to use this lesson as a way to reinforce what I want to achieve this year, by releasing.

I loved creating this journal page, I loved the carefree way I painted, and I love this really happy page that I created.

And I absolutely loved the paint on my hands + the glue on my fingertips.

When I create like this I walk away from my studio happy, satisfied + centred.

If you feel like sharing below I would love to know what makes you happy, satisfied + centred...

Oh + if you are up for a wee swap this month, please join me in my very first Easter Tag Swap.


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