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Saturday, November 10, 2012

☆ AEDM Week Two Round Up

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If you are on the AEDM journey with me - how are you holding up? Last year I felt so stressed by the idea of 'having' to create everyday, even though there are no hard + fast rules for AED month. I guess, it was a hard + fast rule that I had in my own mind.

This year, I am much more relaxed about it, and I think has freed up my imagination some what. I am not thinking too hard about the art, I am just creating. 

So here is the weekly round up of art that is flowing out of the bombshell that is my studio. (I figure that I will have a huge clean up in December!)

If you would like to read more about each painting, or see the entire painting, just click on the image or the link underneath.

Day four + I finished Autumn Wind (I adore this painting!) 

Autumn Wind
Day five + I finished off my grass fairy, which I also submitted to Illustration Friday for their weekly prompt 'shy'. 

Grass Fairy 
Day six + I started a whole new painting, the swinging mermaid. (Although Bean tells me that mermaids can't swing because they have no legs!)

Mermaid on a Swing WIP
On day seven, Bean told me the most fabulous story and I just had to begin illustrating it, but only after I finished Mermaid on a Swing. (Posted on facebook)

Mermaid on a Swing
Day eight had me share the completed painting based on Beans awesome story - 'how to grow a rainbow.'

How to Grow a Rainbow
Day nine + today I became an xbox widow, (which means Mr Mac bought a new game which he is totally into), so I don't feel any guilt about neglecting him and having heaps of time in my studio! So  today I painted Bird Song, which I submitted for both Paint Party Friday + Inspiration Avenue.

Bird Song
Which brings me to today - day ten. I completed some back grounds, and sketched out two ideas + I am not sure which one I will do first, or if I will paint them together....

So as you can see, I have had a hugely busy week. My nan asked me if I was going to slow down anytime soon. I told her that once our wee Beastie is born maybe I would. She told me that with three children I would slow down until they left home!

So if you have joined the AEDM challenge, are you relaxing into it as we move into week three? I would love to know how your going - feel free to add you link below. 

Also don't forget about this months give away - it is free to enter, and only takes a few minutes to do so. Entries end this TUESDAY so time is running out.

Have a great weekend.




  1. I love to see this round up. You've made some pretty things this week!

    I'm really looking forward to creating to create for another three weeks. It's looks like ideas are coming naturally to me nowadays.

    1. Thank you so much Anoeska - It's great when your ideas flow easily! x

  2. I love these girls, you are doing some fantastic work for AEDM! I like seeing how this progresses. "Relaxing into it" is a great way to put things. I didn't join AEDM, but just this week realized after visiting blogs I've been doing art every day with my new mobile photograph/digital painting obsession. It was a fun realization. Happy PPF! Keep it up, beautiful work!

    1. Hi Kat - thank you for stopping in and leaving such a lovely comment. It's a great feeling when you realise that you have been creating with out trying. I think it means that it is an integral part of your life - which is lovely! x

  3. Love your blog, found it on willowing. Great work!!!!


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