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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

☆ 2012 Christmas Tag Swap

Last week, I mentioned the idea of having a christmas tag swap - and I a few people approach me saying that they were interested in joining if I held one.

I dithered and swithered and in the end I thought why not? I love receiving goodies in the mail, especially during a time when I am mostly giving + I bet some of you guys feel the same!

I also wanted this to be as painless as possible, so you don't (I don't!) over commit to projects especially during a time that is busy enough anyway!

So here's what I am thinking....

  • Until November 30 anyone can join the swap by using the linky thingy below 
  • Between now + November 30 you will need to make your beautiful tag to be swapped
  • and I will also need you to email me your snail mail address (This is only so I can email it to your partner, I couldn't figure out how else to organise this part!)
  • We each create one Christmas Tag each (size, materials, subject is totally up to you!)
  • On December 1st I will email you with your Tag recipient (+ their address)
  • And I think so that people receive your beautiful tag before Christmas, we should have them posted by December  5th.
Are you guys game? 

I would like to stress that this swap is open to absolutely everyone - if this is your first swap that's fantastic - be brave with me, it's my very first time organising one!! 

So lets spread some seasonal joy to each other + have some fun. 

If you know of anyone else who would like to participate spread the word - the more the merrier. (I also have a button on the side bar that you could grab to let others know about it.)

In the next week I will be creating a flickr group so that we can share our beautiful creations with one another. 

So are you still game? Good - cause so am I!!

I have received a few emails from people keen to sign up, but not sure how to go about it - I am so sorry about any confusion. 
Below is the Linky tool, and all you have to do is click on the 'add your link' button, and it will guide you through the sign up.

At this stage all I need is you name + email. I will email you later in the month for postal details etc.

I hope this makes it easier. 

Also, a friend of mine suggested that I post some pictures of ATC's I have sent + received, and I am happy to do this if you guys are interested, but I thought instead of that I would start a pinterest board, with some different ideas, styles, mediums + some free printables etc, which may help inspire - if you need it!!

HERE is the link

This same friend said I should mention, that this swap isn't about measuring yourself or your creativity, but about expressing + sharing yourself with others this festive season.

I hope you join us x


  1. Such wonderful x'mas cards you've painted! And I love your manga faces further down! :)

    I have to think about this.. to join in or not..It sounds a great idea though.. You mean the cards will be sent by e-mails?

    1. Hi Viola - I hope you will join up. Sorry for the confusion about sending the tags. The tags should be posted by you to your swap partner via snail mail, not email. (But I will need you to email me your postal address so to pass it on to your partner.)

      Does that make sense? Let me know if I haven't made sense - LOL it happens a lot I can tell you!!

      Kirstin x

    2. Viola - hopefully you will see this, I tried to email it to you as well, but your email came up as no-reply-blogger, so I don't think you will have received it x

  2. I love the idea of doing one tag. People always have yoy do so many so you can't really put your all into them. I'm going to check my schedule and see if I can join. This is really an Awesome idea.

    1. Thank you so much Marian - I know every one (me included) is so so busy at this time of year and I wanted every one who joined to have fun, not feel burdened by the challenge. Thank you for thinking about joining in - I hope your schedule allows you some time. x

  3. Alright sign me up, you've inspired me again!

    1. Welcome aboard Liza + Dawn. Thank you for joining me x

  4. I would love too add me to your list

    1. Thank you for joining up Primgal - would you mind emailing me your details? Thanks so much x


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