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Thursday, November 22, 2012

☆ Holiday Sale Code + AEDM update

Happy Thanks Giving everyone.

In Australia we don't celebrate Thanks Giving. And beside the stereo typical images I have of thank giving (you know the abundance of food, and the football, and the turkey + pumpkin pie), I really I like the idea of a holiday of 'Thanks'.

Although I don't celebrate Thanks Giving, in the spirit of the holiday, I would like to give thanks to you all. To all my supporters. 

My family + friends, to all of you guys who give me daily support here + else where on the net, + to everyone who has supported LilliBean Designs by purchasing an item from my store.

So, I would like to offer a 10% discount of every item in my etsy store. (This includes original paintings, christmas products + my mini canvases) 

Click on the pic above check out what is for sale! (And I will be adding some more paintings tomorrow, from my Christmas + AEDM collection.)


And speaking of AEDM, yesterday was one of those days. Those days, where I am happy to emmerse myself into my art. These are the days that I want to paint all day, that I want to keep going until the painting is done. 

But those days for me are long gone. I have two children + a husband, who need my attention, and who I want to spend time with, a family I need to connect with, daily commitments, and seven weeks left until our third child joins this busy family.

So although I was able to grab some time in the studio, I just couldn't find the time to share it with you. I was able to finish off 'Hearts all a Flutter' early this afternoon.

Hearts All a Flutter
Tonight, I have been working on a new painting that I want to give my niece for her fourth birthday, the only catch is I have to have it finished before my parents head her way on the weekend.

And I know, I. Just. Know, that this painting will give me grief.

Before I head back into the studio, have you had a chance to think about joining me and the amazing few who have joined me in my very first Christmas Tag Swap?

I would love it if you could join us, click on the photo below for more.

Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Oh, my...Hearts all a Flutter is lovely. I know all too well how hard it is to balance home and family with art. Even with all of your responsibilities, though, you do seem to be amazingly productive! Seven weeks? How exciting!


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