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Thursday, November 8, 2012

☆ AEDM + Works in Progress

I think I jinxed myself slightly on Monday by asking how you guys managed when the tank runs dry...

Tuesday lunch time [which for me is prime studio time] saw me curled up on the couch, becoming crankier by the minute at myself for not hoisting my large pregnant self off the comfy couch and moving to my [not so comfy] studio chair.

So instead of being a real bitch to myself, I had a sleep.

And it must have been just what I needed because that night I started the Mermaid on a Swing Painting that I shared on face book.

I finished her yesterday...

Mermaid on a Swing
Yesterday morning Bean woke up and said to me 'Mama, how do you grow a rainbow?' 

I replied that I didn't know but asked her how she thought you grew a rainbow...

And she said to me 

'First you find the end of the Rainbow and you grab some of it, then you put it in the ground, and cover it with dirt, and water it, a lot, and then you grow a rainbow.'

It made perfect sense.

So here the Rainbow painting I started yesterday...
Growing a Rainbow
How is your AEDM journey going? Where are you finding your inspiration at the moment? I would love to hear your stories.

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Thanks for popping in.

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  1. Your paintings are just So adorable! I love these! Especially The growing rainbow painting (and the story!)

  2. That's awesome I love your rainbow story.

  3. So nice, so lovely... :) Love both of them!

  4. very sweet artwork. LOVE the rainbow story and art to go along with it. my son once told me that rainbows grow in a rainbow garden, of course I said! I tried to draw something to represent it but it never really worked out. It's still in my mind though - one day it will be realized. So, i especially love your growing rainbow art. Happy AEDM and congrats on the little one on the way!

    1. Thank you so much Kristen. As soon as she told me the story I had the image in my head it doesn't often happen like that (I have a list of stories she has told me that I would like to illustrate 'one day'!) - I would love to see your rainbow garden once you have drawn it.

      Thanks for stopping in x

  5. Sweet mermaids. I love the way the print is slightly visible.

    1. Thank you so much Paula. I am slightly obsessed with this type of back ground at the moment!

  6. Both works are amazing!!! Don't be tought with yourself. You need to hear to your needs and wants. You shouldn't care about shoulds (see, I'm the first to teach you that, I never use the word ;)))))

    1. Thanks Efi - I think I am slowly coming to realise that I need to look after myself first before I can look after everyone else! You are so right regarding the 'should'! I will banish it along with the words impossible, can't + try!

  7. Amazing words about the rainbow, so beautiful. Also your paintings Kirstin.
    I love them very much. So special.
    Have a nice weekend and my lovely greet


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