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Sunday, November 25, 2012

☆ Week Four - AEDM Weekly Round Up

It's that time again - another weekly round up of Art Every Day Month. And I am sad that there is only one more after this.

Although I did something everyday this week, I only managed a few posts + share them with you. 

The weather has changed here, and temps are over 30 degrees (that's celsius my American friends!)
It is hot. A dry, energy sapping heat, that I am struggling with +  that has brought out with whiny bitch in me.  (And I will stop now, I promise!)

So here is how I spent my second to last AEDM week...

Sunday saw us returning from Canberra, after a whirlwind over night visit, where we spent time with my sister + her family + went to the Justine Clarke concert, which my children just adored!

Once we were home + the terrible two were in bed I started what would become 'Stars + Butterflies'...

DAY 18

I finished off Stars + Butterflies the next day

STARS + BUTTERFLIES (Available for sale here)
Day 20 + I started Hearts All a Flutter

On Day 21 I did something.... but I forgot to take a photo + I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe I did the back ground for Girl with the Dragon Mask....

 All I know is that I didn't finish Hearts All A Flutter until the next day...

 Day 23 - I painted Girl with the Dragon Mask for my nieces birthday. She is four, so although I have heard she liked it, she much preferred the noisy fairy camera we got for here instead. I know that one day she will appreciate it, so I am not offended....(much!!)


Yesterday I dug out my major works from my last year of school. (Gah - that was so cringe-worthy! + I promise that I will share those photos soon.) But I have a project in mind for the end of AEDM that would be a perfect reuse of those old paintings. 

So I covered the original in sheet music.

I also began a new back ground for a little painting, while I was waiting for the glue to dry on this one. I love the colours in this background + I got to play with a new stamp that I indulged in when I went to the art shop in Canberra.

Today, I took it easy again, it is hot + sticky in my studio, so I abandoned it after an hour, and retreated to lying under the fans upstairs.

So that is what I have been up to this week, what about you? What creative goodness did you achieve? If you are on the AEDM challenge, how do you feel now that we are almost at the end of the month? 

Also don't forget:
* LilliBean Designs (my etsy store) has 10% until the end of the month - most of my paintings from AEDM are up for sale now.
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Have a great week


  1. Hi Kirstin. I love the colors of your new painting. I wonder to the endresult. And what a warm weather you have, here it is 8 degrees (Holland) and a ittle stormy. Thanks again for your beautiful art work Kirstin. Love it. And it is to see on my blog.
    Have a nice Sunday
    Lovely greet

    1. Hi Marja - thanks for popping in. I think 8 degrees sound lovely at the moment! Thank you for posting my art on your blog. That was such a lovely thing to do x

  2. Love the faces ~ especially the eyes ~ very creative style ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Lovely work, so consistent too. I´ve been scrapboking all week. :)

  4. As ever I LOVE all your work, but today my favourite is Hearts All A Flutter :)


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