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Saturday, November 17, 2012

☆ AEDM - Week Three Update

Another busy, busy week, but a week where I was reminded quite literally that I need to start slowing down...well maybe just a little!

But I am still managing to keep up with daily creativity as part of AEDM. I can't believe this is week three's round up and there are only two weeks left.

So what did I create this week? (you can click on the paintings or their  captions, to view the whole painting + the my thoughts behind the painting.)

On day eleven I started what would become my star gazer painting. I decided to give myself + everyone else a break from my daily blogging + posted this on facebook instead!

WIP - Star Gazer (not blogged)
 Day twelve and I put aside star gazer + worked on my Illustration Friday piece - 'Tree'. I was inspired by the tree I spent a summer in planning, pretending + dreaming.

Princess in the Tree
On day thirteen, I realised that being 32 weeks pregnant meant I couldn't physically keep doing what I did before pregnancy. And although I managed a lick of paint or two, I was too uncomfortable and only managed a little bit on Star Gazer.

WIP - Star Gazer - shared on facebook

 On day fourteen, I was feeling 100% better - almost back to normal... well as normal as you can when you are carrying a baby! And I finished Star Gazer.

Day fifteen took me in a different direction, and had me paint this girl + I am still not sure of her story.

Day 15
On day sixteen I painted 'Snow Bound' in response to Inspiration Avenue's prompt 'whats through your  window'

Snow Bound
 Today I was inspired by a couple of gum tree leaves + the cherry blossom stamp I used in the back ground, and finished of my blossom fairy today.

Blossom Fairy

Here is the painting in it's entirety.
Blossom Fairy
 So if you are on your own AEDM journey - are you surprised like me that we are at the end of week three? Or are you struggling some? I would love to hear how you are going.

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  1. what fabulous expressive eyes in each one of your pieces! thanks for sharing!

  2. What a series of beautiful girls! Star gazer is my favorite!

  3. It is so fantastic to read your story by all of this paintings. Love the portraits so much and the eyes. What an expressions Kirstin.
    lovely greet and nice Sunday

    1. Thank you Marja - I really love what you said - it's my story! Love it. x

  4. They're all so beautiful!!!


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